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a romantic holiday in the Maldives photo by phaisalphotos

a romantic holiday in the Maldives


For couples, a romantic holiday in the Maldives is a chance to be together in a way that never happens at home. Accommodation on a resort is not just a room, it’s a private love nest designed for the romantic. Villas are secluded in lush vegetation or isolated above a lagoon. The interior décor is soft, muted tones of distinction, the furnishings are impeccable, the bed is large and blissfully comfortable, the bathroom luxurious. Gaze from the veranda to a panoramic view of the lagoon lapping the beach and of coconut palms waving on the shore. Even the breeze seems to whisper romance.

Just as there are resorts more suitable for families with children or for enthusiastic divers, there are also resorts designed for those in love, whether beginning life together, renewing their vows, celebrating a wedding anniversary, commemorating their years of partnership, or simply wanting to get back in touch with each other away from the humdrum of daily life.

Such resorts are rich in the privacy and discretion created for couples to be together. The ambiance is dedicated to the romantic side of life. The tropical scenery, the island tranquillity, the lack of crowds, the perfect attention to detail and service, the finesse, the fun and the leisurely life with time to enjoy each other, embrace the essence of perfection.

Hassan Faisal Mohamed is the owner, brand strategist and official photographer at “Phaisal Photos”. He is specialized in the resort photography market, covering wedding, lifestyle & videography with a style of consisting of colorful and energetic imagery. The visual drama and artistry of his photographs are born of a keen eye and demonstrates the attractiveness of the Maldives at its optimum. This passion shines throughout Faisal’s work and has attracted a wide audience from the public within the few years. His style is unambiguous. His talent for rare captures of amazing light and fleeting atmosphere imbue his portfolio with a sense of the epic, majestic and the bold. His success derives from a patient single-minded pursuit of all the unique moments that generate the magic and energy from the photographs. Faisal’s clients have included some of the luxury resorts such as Amilla Fushi, Regis Maldives Vommuli , Conrad Maldives, Jumeirah and Baros Maldives. A full-time professional since 2014 onward, Faisal has been frequently mentioned and recognized as an original artist, an innovator and a trendsetter in the modern age of resort photography. He is regularly described as one of the most influential resort photography professionals of this generation.