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honeymoon in maldives


Welcome to the Maldives,honeymoon in maldives  where sands are white as the smiles of the locals, where fish swim happily in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where the weather is a dream, and the deep rays of the sun wait to engulf you in their arms.

The customs and social behavior of the Maldivians have been greatly influenced by the Indians, Sri Lankans, Arabs and North Africans who visited the Maldives while traversing through the trading routes of the central Indian Ocean. The Maldivian culture is rich and vibrant due to the infusion of various other cultural elements. Though Maldives was culturally influenced by other traditions, Maldivians have built and preserved an exclusive cultural identity. Accordingly the Maldivians converse using a language of their own; In 1153 AD Maldivians converted to Islam and the religion has transformed and introduced new fundamentals to the Maldivian culture.

There is so much to talk about Maldives! After the hectic prep shoot of the wedding and all the hustle bustle of the wedding ceremonies, what do you next wish to do? Of course, honeymoon comes in mind. Maldives epitomises the divine and romantic evening at its best. For honeymooners, there are many exciting things to do in Maldives. So what do you wish for when you are on your honeymoon? A stargazing night spent with your beloved, sitting under thatched-roof bungalow on a private pool side beach, exciting water sports or just lying under blue sky enjoy sun bathing. All these are offered by Maldives; in fact, Maldives is all about your sexy and passionate dreams to come true when you are on your honeymoon in maldives.

Go nomadic when in Maldives on your honeymoon. For a true lover, coming to Maldives will be the best gift for his or her beloved. From sandy white waters, luxurious villas and resorts, azure colored waters and splendid landscape with relaxing spa and beach massage. What’s more, a couple can expect in Maldives things to do list. The inhabited islands and surroundings lagoons offer a true romantic and sun-kissing beach experience. However, there a are more thrilling things to do in Maldives such as – you would love the underwater sports, and at the same time you can get drenched in spirituality at the pre-historic Buddhist temples. Maldives is certainly a destination next to heaven.

A lot of honeymoon in maldives have admitted that there’s no better place than Maldives to get a romantic massage under sun-kissed beaches and luxurious resorts. Indulge in a sensual massage and spa on the sandy beaches and soothe your senses to the core. Numerous resorts and honeymoon villas offer traditional massage therapies on the white sand beaches. It is one of the most quixotic things to do in Maldives on honeymoon.  Massage you must try in Maldives are One & Only Reethi Rah, Six Senses Laamu, PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi and more. From an isolated sandbank or stranded mid-ocean lovely dinner to a tantric ceremony for two, let your mind run wild.

honeymoon in maldives is curtailed if you do not experience your stay at a private beach resort of near the beautiful beaches in Maldives. Enjoy floating in the blue waters with a romantic boat ride or just surprise your beloved at the bioluminescent beach with the Glow-In-The-Dark-Beach. There are more things to do in Maldives when on the beach. Not to miss are the islands like – Male Island, Hulhumalé Island, Biyadhoo Island, Fihalhohi Island, Maafushi Island and much more. Every island has its own peculiarity and activities to enjoy.

This place is a certainly must things to do in Maldives, as it has fun, excitement and thrill. The fact that Maldives consists 99% of water makes it the perfect underwater and adventure sports destination forhoneymoon in maldives. Whale Submarine Maldives gives you the prospect to live the true life of Maldives in a distinctive way. Enjoy the colourful corals, yellow striped Snappers, reef fish or spot a few turtles, a Yellow Box fish or a Lion-fish, you would love to include this in your things to do in Maldives on Honeymoon.